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Eugenia Volodina and Mickey Rourke

56-year-old actor Mickey Rourke seduced young Russian supermodel Eugenia Volodina. It has been 11 years since the divorce from Mickey Roorkee Carrie Otis, but the actor still has love for the models. Recently, the aging star observed in a young girls in the elite New York nightclub. All of their attention on the actor sent a Russian model, 24-year-old Eugenia Volodina. Without restraint couple kissed in front of the amazed audience. Photos passionate kisses already painted on the foreign press, the Daily Mail.

Eugenia Volodina and Victoria's Secret 2003-2009 Video

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Eugenia Volodina

Eugenia Volodina (or Eugene for model agencies) also managed to impress the imagination-beaten Western model of agents and editors divisions known fashion magazines. The report on models.com it did not otherwise describe as "Amazon", "vamp", "goddess", etc. What's the matter? Just Eugene after only a year and a half of the model were employed in an advertising campaign, Gucci, and is also involved in advertising perfume "J'adore" to Christian Dior. Not to mention all the major fashion shows on two continents. High, slender, with the unemotional face, it seems mysterious and unattainable.

Birth date : 17 September 1984, Kazan, Russia

What is the secret of such a rapid rise up? As in any profession, be a model - does not mean to be beautiful, lean and leggy. Home - your attitude to yourself and what you do in life. Eugenia Volodina in an interview for models.com constantly reiterates that just works day after day, trying to do their job very well. In addition, you can immediately see that it does not apply to its "glory" too seriously: "In this life there are things that are much harder and stiffer than that of the model." A 17-year-olds, of course, difficult to understand from what you expected, especially in this business as a model. In order to succeed, you must be persistent, a lot of listening and little talking, respect the work of photographers, designers and managers, and love what you do. If you are difficult to constantly be on the road, constantly moving and meet with a lot of strangers, learning new languages and to pose in front of the camera - not a model career for you. International career.

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